Monday, August 1, 2011

The Mae Flower has landed

A long, long time ago, a Chinese man read my palm and told me that I was going to have 2 daughters.  On July 18, 2011, the foretelling came true when Mae Flower was born.

Here is her birth story.

After a relatively easy but loooooong and uncomfortable pregnancy, her dad and I decided to schedule an induced labor on July 18th.  The reason for that was that her dad had started a new job and didn't have the right to take vacation time yet, so we wanted to work around his schedule so he wouldn't have to call in sick in order to be present at Mae's birth.

As it turns out, I was already in labor when we arrived at the hospital at 7am on the 18th.  But the doctor decided to give me a hormone to help speed things along.   I wasn't allowed to get in the bathtub because I had an IV tube in my hand feeding me the hormone, and if I had to use the bathroom I had to ask for help first.  So, it didn't feel speedy for most of the day while I sat in bed and waited.  They told me that was normal and that things would speed up quite a bit at the end.

Sure enough, I was at 6cm, and then seemingly just a few minutes later (longer, I'm sure, but that's what it felt like), I could feel Mae trying to be born without any help from me.  She just started inching her way out, and it was funny because there was another baby being born down the hall at the same time, and there was only one doctor available.  So the nursing staff kept saying that they were urging the doctor to HURRY UP and come attend to me since Mae would not wait.  The doctor arrived in such a rush that he had to change into clean scrubs in my room. 

Thirty minutes of pushing through just a few contractions, and Mae came out quite easily, though born with the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck 3 times.  I heard the doctor say so and although he said it so casually that I assumed it was loose enough for him to get his finger through, it still scared me enough that I just pushed as hard as I could nonstop until she was born.  They put her on my stomach and left her there a long time.  She breathed and cried with no problems at all.  It was so different from her sister Libby's birth.  Her dad got to cut the umbilical cord. 

I was told that I produced an unusual placenta that was worthy of a science exhibit, causing the doctor to check for "anything else"...but I wasn't worried about a disappearing twin or anything like that.  Like Libby, Mae ended up having 5 ultrasounds, including an early ultrasound, so I was pretty confident that there was nothing wrong (there wasn't).

I had lost a lot of blood, more than average, they told me, so I was a little bit dizzy and woozy for the next several hours, but not enough that it prevented me from taking care of Miss Mae right away.

We spent 2 nights in the hospital and came home on Wednesday.

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