Wednesday, October 19, 2011

3-month accomplishments

Mae still sleeps quite a bit.  When she is awake she is usually smiling or laughing.  Until I get the camera out. Just like Libby, Mae is distracted by cameras, so it's hard to get photo or video of all that smiling.

She really does not like tummy time.  She does not even care to be on her tummy if we are holding her.  She wants to be upright looking over our shoulders, or facing forward sitting up on our laps.

She lays on a blanket under a little "gym", where we arrange her so she can either bat at a bell-toy with her hands, or kick it with her feet. 
We exercise by stretching, which she loves.  She laughs when I unfold her arms and stretch them out all the way extended, and then touch her hands to the top of her head.  Stretching out her hands is a little more difficult.  She still likes to keep them balled-up all the time.
She can clutch her thin blankets now.

In the sun, I can see that her hair has a reddish tint to it.

She primarily sleeps in her little carrier seat.  She will sleep in her bed, but not as long as in her carrier.  I guess the carrier is kind of like being swaddled.

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