Sunday, October 2, 2011

One of these things is not like the other

Both of my babies have a weak eyelid.  Libby's is her left eye, and Mae's is her right eye.  In this photo, Mae is drowsy, so the weaker eye is more obvious.  Other times you can not really tell.  Libby has nearly outgrown her weak eye, but I can still see it in photos from time to time, though I don't notice it daily.  When Mae was born, her right eye was closed.  She did not open it until several hours after the birth.

In other news, it is confirmed that she can roll over from tummy to back!  We were all playing together in Libby's room this morning and plop! Mae rolled over suddenly, so easily that we were surprised and had no hint that we should be getting the video camera.  She's so big and strong!  Um, except for that eye, of course.

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