Monday, February 20, 2012

7 months old

Better late than never...Mae turned 7 months old a couple days ago.  She is now teaching herself to crawl.  She scoots or drags herself across the floor.  She can go pretty fast if she sees something she wants really bad, like my cell phone.  She pushes up onto her knees and rocks, but hasn't yet figured out how to pick up her knees to move forward.

2 weeks ago she added banana to her diet.  It was just as big of a hit as the rice cereal.

She yells a lot.  Not cries...yells.  She just likes to use her voice, and make sure we can hear her nice and loud.  She's starting to use her voice to make sounds.  Like Da and Ga.

I have some fabulous photos at which I encourage you to take a look at.  Others below...

Hanging out after a doctor visit.  Bandaid on the leg from a vaccination shot.

It was an Iron Man bandaid.

Just hangin' out

With Elmo

Who's the wiseguy?

Fat legs

Mommy's Girl

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